The Kindness Company has been a story in the making for 7 years.

Dedicated to bringing Joy and Laughter to children around the world

Our beautiful Handmade dolls light up the feeds of 4 million people every week

Founded in 2018

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The Agency Co

The Agency Co Offers:

* Strategic Marketing Advice and Support

* Community Building (All Social Media Platforms)

* Funnels

* Email Campaigns 

* Email Nurturing Sequences

* Personal Branding

Services for:

* Small & Medium Businesses

* Coaches 

* Authors

* Entrepreneurs

Across ALL Industries

Please see Portfolio for examples of my work

Handmade Association:

Founded to help support every Handmade entrepreneur who wants to:

  • Grow their community

  • Love their community

  • Grow their business


THE Handmade Association Focusses on helping you to build a Handmade Business which helps you to share your Talents with the world.


with community at the heart of the business, the association provides Handmade business owners with the tools and resources to build and grow their business.

Jump in and join the Handmade Association, Share your experiences and meet like minded business owners :)

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© 2021 by Effie Moss

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“We must be willing to let go of the life we planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us”